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This game is best played in a trusting environment, although not everyone knows everyone.

  • This is a social experiment game, the idea is to put oneself out there, to take a risk of talking about fairly intimate subjects with a group of diverse people
  • For 5 minutes, no more, no less, someone will go up on that Seat, and answer truthfully and transparently to the questions asked by the Audience
  • Nothing is mandatory: if you do not wish to, you do not have to be a Seater, you do not have to ask questions, you do not have to stay here
  • There will be silence, there will be awkwardness, there will be uneasiness, not only for the Seater but also for the Audience, who participates passively or actively
  • There will be security rules for the Seater as well as for the Audience, and a moderator to make this strange experience positive for everyone


5 Minutes Truth - Party game.pdf 83 kB

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